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In 1979, Edward K. Lydon founded E.K.L. Machine Company with a vision of creating a high precision tool manufacturing plant, exclusively servicing the canning industry. Beginning with only a manual lathe and himself E.K.L. was born. Ed understood what can maker’s needs were and modeled the company in the same manner, to support the modern can maker with everything they need to make a quality product in the necessary time frame. Today E.K.L. Machine runs two shifts a day and is housed in two side by side buildings consisting of over 28,000 sq/ft.

Over the years the company continued to grow and become more and more sophisticated. Ed had a philosophy of hiring young eager, motivated employees and train them himself. The can making industry is very unique and even very experienced machinists often need training when entering the industry so nurturing younger employees looking to build a career has worked out in our favor. Over the next few decades this method of training produced many highly skilled tool makers and mechanics with experience and know-how that can’t be learned in a classroom. Today several of those original employees are still employed at E.K.L. and continue to pass their knowledge down to new generations of top notch tool makers and mechanics.

As E.K.L. grew over the years as did our product line and services. We manufacture a wide array of tooling for both two-piece and three-piece can making processes. This includes ceramic and carbide tooling. Our equipment list has become more and more advanced, allowing us to machine all aspects of all types of materials, from the most basic steel press parts (gears, levers, etc.), to complex non-round carbide tooling and complex carbide and ceramic radii in our CNC profile grinders. This removes the need for outsourcing any aspects of our manufacturing process. We additionaly single source our outside services, (carbide and steel supply, heat treating, coatings), which allows us to expedite jobs in emergency situations to keep our customers up and running production.


While E.K.L. Machine started out as primarily a tool and die manufacturing shop over the years many other services have been added to help support the needs of our customers. Complete die manufacturing and remanufacturing is one such service. This includes all dies from scroll dies and small single and double out dies, to large cupper dies for DRD and DWI can making processes. We additionally build full lines and many other pieces of equipment including curlers, liners, trimmers, etc. Along with manufacturing this equipment we also service and install it. Our service team has traveled the globe trouble shooting and installing equipment for our customers. We additionally do on-site die rebuilds, and in plant training of our customers mechanics. Our service team has decades of experience in keeping lines running efficiently and improving the quality of their products.

Another major service E.K.L. has become known for is our Engineering and Research and Development Team. We have a team of engineers that are experienced in tooling and die design. They support our customers in making revisions and improvements to their process, both working with our customers R and D teams and often times running a whole project our customers hire the design team to take care of completely. Being that E.K.L. both designs and self-manufactured all of the tooling we have become the perfect candidate to take on projects where a customer may have an idea of the can they want to develop. They hire us to design the tooling required, we then are able to test those tools ourselves, make necessary revisions, test again, send off for trial, then develop and build production equipment. We can take a can from an idea or drawing to being made in a production capacity all in our own shop. E.K.L. is set up to be 100% self-sufficient and have the experience and know-how to get a job of such magnitude done successfully.

E.K.L. Machine has continued to grow and expand since its inception. We are a very passionate company whose employees love the industry and strive to be a top player. Ed continues to play a significant role in guiding the company and is constantly finding new areas to expand into and services to provide our customers. Supporting can makers is what we do and we will continues to bring exceptional equipment and service to can makers around the world.

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