Tool & Die Making

Tool and Die Making

For the modern can maker there is nothing more expensive than a cheap tool.  This is a motto we live by at E.K.L. Machine.  With over 35 years experience manufacturing tooling and die sets for the metal container industry, E.K.L. prides ourselves on being one of the most versatile companies in the industry, having an expertise in all types of metal containers.  From general line (paint, coffee, aerosol) cans in all shapes and sizes, to 2-piece food and beverage cans (DRD, DWI, impact extrusion)(cupper, bodymaker, necker, trimmer, etc.), E.K.L. truly understands the quality and precision needed to successfully make a good can and we have the knowledge and equipment to provide such quality every time for our customers.  Our facilities list includes everything from manual lathes and mills to the latest and most advanced CNC turning, cutting, grinding, and burning equipment.  One hundred percent of tooling and die sets made go through a full inspection process utilizing the latest technology in inspection equipment to guarantee a good part.  All inspection and manufacturing is done in a temperature controlled environment, operating consistently at 68 degrees F.   We have made a name for ourselves by performing rush and emergency jobs.  When something happens unexpected in a plant we understand our customers need to get running again as fast as possible.  E.K.L. has developed systems to get our customers whatever they may need in the fastest timing humanly possible.  In addition to tooling and die sets, we build and rebuild presses, curlers, liners, and various other pieces of machinery.  We have also built turnkey systems for various plants, which were run off in our facilities before shipping.


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